Our Quality Mission at Haltermann

Over the past several decades, engine and part manufacturers, specialty fuel end-users, test laboratories, government entities and companies that manufacture gas and oil additives have turned to Haltermann for their often demanding and complex gasoline and diesel test fuel requirements. Why? For nearly 50 years the Haltermann name has become synonymous with quality.

It is incumbent on all of our employees to deliver the highest quality fuels to our customers each and every time.

All of us at Haltermann embrace our quality mission:

Haltermann Test and Reference Fuels is the leading supplier of specialty fuels in North America. Due to the actions of each employee to maintain uncompromised product and service quality, a continuous improvement mentality is integrated into all aspects of our operations. The mission of Haltermann Solutions™ is continued customer satisfaction such that our customers recognize Haltermann Solutions™ as the leading supplier of their specialty products.



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Download Certificate

Committee Memberships

Halterman Solutions is proud to be a member of SAE International and ASTM

Haltermann Solutions™ actively participates in multiple industry panels and associations.

Fuel Guarantee

Haltermann issues a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on each batch of fuel that we supply to our customers. Haltermann guarantees that the fuel meets the specifications as they appear on the CoA at the point in time that it is loaded into the transport vehicle or container.



Ken Smith, Quality Systems Leader
Haltermann Solutions™
Office: 281.455.2226