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Fri, Feb 4th 2011, 10:11 by Wayne Petersen

Well, 2011 is finally upon us. At Haltermann Solutions, we are approaching this New Year with both excitement and anticipation.  2011 will be a year filled with both challenges and opportunities as we endeavor to provide exceptional levels of quality, service and creativity in finding Solutions for our customers. Be sure to check back to our website regularly throughout the year for exciting announcements from Haltermann.

First, Haltermann Solutions is excited to announce the introduction of a Haltermann Bio-Butanol fuel, recently developed for use in the automotive racing market. The fuel has been approved for use by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) in the American LeMans race series. The fuel is being used by Dyson Racing. Their car utilizes a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder in-line turbocharged engine which is designed to generate in excess of 500 HP. Building on their successful partnership with Mazda, AER (Advanced Engine Research) built this all-new version of the MZR-R race-winning engine that represents the state of the art in turbocharged engine technology. The engine operates exceptionally well on the Haltermann made bio-butanol fuel. The 2011 American LeMans race season will be underway soon with the first race of the season at the Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Florida. Check out our website, , for news and standings throughout the racing season. We wish our very best to Dyson Racing for a safe and successful season.

Next, check this month’s Tech Talk by Dr. Indresh Mathur, Haltermann Solution’s Director of R&D. Dr. Mathur has reported on a recent study he conducted comparing properties from various ethanol sources. We hope you find it of interest given the increasing use of ethanol in our gasoline fuels.

Finally, watch for the February issue of Automotive Industries magazine where the 2nd article in a two part series about Haltermann Solutions will appear. When it’s published, we will post the article on our website.

We thank you for your business and the continued opportunity to serve your specialty fuel needs.

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