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Mon, Sep 27th 2010, 09:01 by Indresh Mathur

At Haltermann Solutions we strive to provide Solutions to our customer’s fuel needs using our nearly 50 years of expertise in technical specifications development, fuel formulation and blending, and knowledge of the industry’s changing needs.

In this section you can look forward to compelling technical information that will help you understand our capabilities in meeting your needs as well as addressing issues of importance to the industry. In the coming months we will present discussions on a variety of topics including:

  • Development of realistic fuel specifications while meeting customer needs and expectations
  • Computer simulation to speed fuel formulation development
  • Fuel shelf life
  • Differences in corn and sugar cane derived ethanol fuels
  • Unique biodiesel blends made for National Biodiesel Board
  • Ten formulation routes to RP-1 rocket propellant
  • Deposit forming fuels and additives
  • Haltermann’s capabilities to manufacture and procure unique blending components
  • Novel racing fuels
  • Stable fuels for home and garden equipment
  • Unleaded aviation gasoline fuel developments
  • Jet-C aviation turbine fuel

This forum will also give our customers an opportunity to ask us about the technical issues they would like us to address. Please send your requests and ideas directly to me, Dr. Indresh Mathur for consideration.

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