Our History

Haltermann Solutions™ (a division of Johann Haltermann, Ltd.) with business offices located in Houston, Texas, is a premier manufacturer of Specialty Fuels and is North America’s leading manufacturer of Test and Reference fuels for the automotive and industrial industry. Over the past several decades, engine and part manufacturers, test laboratories, government entities, companies that manufacture gas and oil additives, aerospace and aviation companies have turned to Haltermann for their often demanding and complex gasoline and diesel test fuel requirements. In 2010 Haltermann Products changed its identity and Doing Business As name to Haltermann Solutions™ to more accurately reflect the total array of offerings, both products and services, we provide to our many customers. Since its inception in 1963 as Howell Hydrocarbons, Haltermann has continued to reliably provide its customers with quality fuels and solutions for over 50 years. Haltermann Solutions™ launches American Hydrocarbons™ for their International customers.

The Haltermann Name

For those not recognizing the Haltermann name, you might know us by other names.