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Mon, Apr 4th 2016, 10:39 by Josh Petersen

Haltermann Solutions™ is pleased to announce the introduction of a new product; E-10 Regular Tier 3 Octane Check Fuel, to complement its family of Reference Fuels. Its Haltermann Solutions? designation is HF3016.

The product was born out of discussions with many of our customers who wanted Haltermann Solutions? to develop octane check fuels. This fuel, E-10 Regular Tier 3 Octane Check Fuel, was developed to meet the recommendations found in section 13 (Checking Engine Performance) in the latest ASTM revision to methods D2699-15a and D2700-16, CFR Octane Engines.

E-10 Regular Tier 3 Octane Check Fuel has the following ARVs (Accepted Reference Values):

Research Octane Number ARV: 91.92
Motor Octane Number ARV: 83.94

The ARV data presented above is from ASTM Subcommittee D02.01 (Report No. R-1249) and is based on round-robin certification tests performed on this Octane Check Fuel candidate by the National Exchange Group.

In addition to ARVs for RON and MON, statistical data was generated on several other parameters including Distillation, RVP, Gravity, Sulfur, Oxygenates, and Hydrocarbon type. Customers may find the additional data useful for other needs.

E-10 Regular Tier 3 Octane Check Fuel is the first of three Octane Check Fuel products to be introduced by Haltermann Solutions?. The other two octane check fuels, RBOB Regular and RBOB Premium are being developed. These ethanol-free octane check fuels are expected to be introduced by the end of the 2nd Quarter, 2016 after determination of their ARVs.

The new E-10 Regular Tier 3 Octane Check Fuel (HF3016) is in inventory and available for immediate shipment.

If you have additional technical questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Indresh Mathur, Director of R&D for Haltermann Solutions, at 832-376-2221.

For pricing and lead-times, please contact Don Phillips at (313)590-1835 or any other of the Haltermann Solutions. Customer Service personnel at 800-969-2542.

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