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Haltermann Solutions™ is pleased to announce the addition of two new PRIMARY Reference Fuels for diesel cetane number determination to our family of Primary Reference Fuel products; Haltermann Solutions™ HF-3019: PRF Pentamethylheptane (PMH) and Haltermann Solutions™ HF-3018: PRF n-Cetane.  PMH is a new PRIMARY fuel to the reference fuel market given its recent addition to the ASTM D-613 specification Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil.

The addition of PMH as a primary cetane fuel represents a major innovation for this market segment.  Historically PRIMARY fuels were cost prohibitive and were not readily available forcing users had to utilize Secondary Reference Fuels (SRF) T & U for cetane number determination. Now customers measuring cetane can finally use PRIMARY fuels due to the following benefits;

  • Haltermann Solutions™  Primary Reference Fuels are priced competitively with the market’s Secondary Reference Fuels
  • There is no additional training cost or cost needed for a new test method or lab process therefore users will have a seamless transition to PMH and n-Cetane.
  • Use of PMH and n-Cetane eliminates wasted dollars spent for unused T or U material due to inventory misbalance resulting from a T & U batch change
  • Use of PMH and n-Cetane eliminates potential analytical measurement errors in using incorrectly matched T & U pairs
  • The single molecule nature and inherent stability of PMH and n-Cetane nearly eliminates the potential of cetane number ARV drift due to hydroperoxide formation
  • The use of PMH and n-Cetane eliminates time and cost for participating NEG members having to evaluate T & U for ARV because it eliminates the need to test batches of T & U fuels for cetane number ARV due to batch variability


  • Use of PMH and n-Cetane eliminates changing T & U blend charts with each new T & U batch
  • Users of PMH and n-Cetane will benefit from a reduction in test variability and the uncertainty added in the qualification process of T & U fuels

The growing reference fuel family of products from Haltermann Solutions™ now includes Primary Reference Fuel (PRF) grades Toluene, iso-octane, n-heptane, Octane Blend Nos. 80, 84, 88, 90, 92, 96, Toluene Standardization Fuels (TSF) 85.2, 89.3, 93.4, 96.9 and 99.8 all meeting the requirements outlined in the ASTM D2699 and D2700 test standards. Also included are Diesel Primary Reference Fuels n-Cetane and PMH, Diesel Secondary Reference Fuel (SRF) – T, Diesel SRF – U, Diesel Cetane Check Fuel – High, and Diesel Cetane Check Fuel – Low, all meeting the requirements set out in the ASTM D613 method.


The product is packaged in 55-gallon drums and available for immediate shipment.  There is also a higher purity version of both PRF Pentamethylheptane (PMH) and PRF n-Cetane; Haltermann Solutions™ part numbers 3025 and 3026 available in 5 gallon pails and 1 gallon cans.


For more information, please contact Don Phillips, Reference Fuels at (313) 590-1835 ( or your Haltermann Solutions™ customer service representative at (800) 969-2542.

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