Haltermann Solutions™ Aerospace Propellants

Haltermann Solutions™ has a long history and experience in the manufacture of RP-1 and RP-2 rocket propellant. This fuel is used by nearly every governmental and private sector space enterprise that utilizes LOX – Kerosene engines. Haltermann Solutions™ also manufacturers other propellants and solvents used in aerospace applications such as JP-10 Cruise Missile Propellant and  IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA). Haltermann Solutions™ offers formulation expertise and modeling, analytical and blending capabilities and the ability to manufacture unique blend stocks for such fuel candidates.

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HF Number Fuel Name Description
00229 RP-1 Rocket Propellant per MIL Specification MIL-DTL-25576
00697 RP-2 Rocket Propellant per MIL Specification MIL-DTL-25576
RG-1 Rocket Propellant per Specification TU38.001244-81
02057 JP-10* Cruise Missile Propellant per MIL Specification MIL-DTL-87107E
02060 JP-10 w/Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)* Cruise Missile Propellant per MIL Specification MIL-DTL-87107E
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