Let Us Make Your Fuel

Do you have a new fuel specification that you would like Haltermann Solutions™ to make for your company?

If you already developed a fuel specification, please email it directly to Haltermann’s Technical Service and Development Specialist, Mike Wendling. Alternately, download the fuel design specification attachment below, fill in your requirements and fax it to Mike Wendling at 281-457-1469 or click the Submit Online below, fill out your specifications online and submit to Mike directly. If you have questions or need help with a fuel request please contact our Technical Service Department at 832-376-2212. We will be happy to assist you with the development of your fuel specifications.

Opportunities and Solutions

A customer needed a few drums of fuel shipped to their sister company in Asia. They soon were faced with the many complexities of shipping a fuel overseas. They realized they needed assistance with the logistics and contacted Haltermann for help.

Haltermann Solutions™, having expertise with door-to-door shipments to anywhere on the globe, coordinated shipping for our customer which, incidentally, wasn’t even a Haltermann Solutions™ product.

A customer found that a key specification parameter of a fuel stored at their site had fallen below desired levels. They were hoping that the fuel could be adjusted somehow in their tanks and asked if Haltermann Solutions™ could help.

Instead of having to replace the fuel, Haltermann Solutions™ analyzed the fuel and determined what was needed. Haltermann Solutions™ then developed an additive package that the customer added to their existing fuel to bring it in to back into desired levels and within all aspects of the specification.

Through routine discussions with one of our customers, we determined that they were experiencing a great deal of inefficiency in unloading bulk transports of fuel. This appeared to cost them unnecessary time and money. Haltermann Solutions™ offered our assistance.

A Haltermann Solutions™ transportation representative visited the customer site and provided recommendations for modifications to the unloading station which included containment measures which simplified the unloading process and resulted in improved customer efficiencies and safety.

A customer received fuel in an isotainer as a result of being imported. The customer was unfamiliar with unloading from this type of transport container and asked Haltermann Solutions™ for assistance.

A Haltermann Solutions™ transportation representative visited the customer site and provided technical assistance and the necessary hardware/fittings required for safe completion of the fuel unloading process.

A customer had somehow contaminated fuel in one of their storage tanks. They were observing erratic readings of one of the key functional components in the fuel. They realized the fuel needed to be replaced. Haltermann Solutions™ offered assistance.

At the customer’s request, Haltermann Solutions™ coordinated the contaminated fuel removal, tank flushing and replacement of the contaminated fuel with fresh in-spec fuel.

A customer had utilized a variety of fuels over the course of a testing program. Having put so many differing fuels in their tanks, they were unsure of the quality of fuel they had remaining.

The customer supplied Haltermann Solutions™ with samples from several of their tanks. Haltermann Solutions™ then completed a detailed analytical analysis of the fuels and reported the results to the customer so they could determine the usability of the fuel in their applications.

North American specialty fuel customers had to routinely import Euro Stage IV and Euro Stage V diesel fuels from Europe for their certification testing. Available domestic feed stocks did not allow the manufacturing of this fuel locally. The freight cost was prohibitive but had to be paid by our customers.

Haltermann Solutions™ executed an exhaustive search of North American suppliers for key blend stocks needed to make these products. Haltermann Solutions™ success now allows us to manufacture Euro Stage IV and V certification diesel fuels in North America which saves customers the prohibitive cost of freight they have historically incurred by importing these products.

Our customers on the West Coast were incurring high freight costs and long lead-times when ordering small quantities of Haltermann Solutions™ fuels. Shipping one or two drums of fuel from Michigan to the West Coast is relatively expensive.

To improve cost and service to our West Coast customers, Haltermann Solutions™ established a distributor in California that ships truck load quantities of drummed Haltermann Solutions™ fuels to their warehouse and passes the freight savings along to our customers. Further, West Coast customers now experience much shorter lead times, as the distributor accommodates next day delivery for the fuels they maintain in inventory.

A customer wanted to test one of their off-shore market vehicles with Brazilian cane ethanol instead of U.S. corn ethanol to make sure the vehicles were being calibrated with materials that would be available in that local market.

Haltermann Solutions™ was able to supply our customer with Brazilian ethanol needed for their testing program. Haltermann Solutions™ understands the complex tax laws in order to facilitate this transaction and provide the fuel the customer needs.

A customer had an aviation application in the Middle East and was attempting to secure a turbine fuel having high sulfur / low lubricity. This fuel quality was needed so that local testing would model the fuel that would be available locally in the Middle East.

Haltermann Solutions™ was able to develop a formulation that met the challenging fuel specifications provided by the customer. The product was able to be manufactured and meet an aggressive timeline required by the customer.

A customer was in need of 31 different fuels for an ethanol study. Exact specifications were not available but the customer knew generally what was required. This required a complex iterative process with the customer requiring weekly meetings.

Haltermann Solutions™ moved from a standard price quote approach to offering the customer a collaborative R&D approach. Subsequently, all of the fuels were developed and manufactured using a time and materials basis which allowed us to account for the exact time needed by Haltermann Solutions™ specialists to make the fuels. The fuels were delivered on-time and to the customer’s satisfaction. Only actual R&D costs incurred were charged to the customer.

Our customers are in need of an intake valve deposit fuel (IVD) for industry-wide testing. They have asked if Haltermann Solutions™ can develop a fuel or an additive that would result in a new IVD fuel.

Haltermann Solutions™ scientists developed a fuel additive that has shown to be effective in the development of deposits on the laboratory bench scale as verified by an independent testing lab. Haltermann Solutions™ can incorporate this additive to the customers’ choice of fuel.

The hydrocarbon-based Rocket Propellant community requested a study on possible various routes to produce RP-1 and RP-2 rocket propellants. They wanted to determine whether different routes offered differences in propellant performance.

Haltermann Solutions™ prepared hydrocarbon-based samples using ten unique blends to meet RP-1 specs. Analyses were presented to the Rocket Fuel community at the JANNAF meeting. This approach allows contingencies for supply of RP-1 in the event of disruptions in supply of individual blend stocks. The samples allow the Rocket Fuel community to evaluate performance differences in fuels made to RP-1 specification with differing components and functional groups.

There is an industry-wide mandate for the use of natural occurring constituents (especially sulfur) when blending certification and reference fuels. This is a challenge to manufacturers of specialty fuels as available feed streams are trending to steadily lower amounts of these materials.

In response to this challenge, Haltermann Solutions™ secured sources of raw materials streams able to satisfy the industry requirements to provide natural occurring constituents. Haltermann Solutions™ provides key process design in order to refine these streams to meet industry needs.

Our customers often have needs for “site-specific” unloading activities and unique volume requirements for one-time/specific projects. Fuel volumes needed for these tests also vary widely.

On an ongoing basis, Haltermann Solutions™ personnel supply technical support and hardware enabling customers to move forward with fuel projects. Unique fittings and off-loading technology is routinely provided to customers in support of their projects. Further, Haltermann Solutions™ provides necessary flexibility in logistics to enable the customer to complete required test programs.

A customer approached Haltermann Solutions™ with a challenge to produce a new fuel meeting the ASTM specification for UL94 in the aviation community. This is a new fuel spec that has been developed as a possible replacement for the 100LL currently being used by the community.

Haltermann Solutions™ technical and manufacturing personnel were successful in preparing the UL94 fuel exceeding the 94 MON requirements and meeting the ASTM D-86 requirements. Haltermann Solutions™ provided key process design in order to produce a key raw material component in order to produce this fuel.

The diesel engine industry had a need for unique bio-fuel used in a testing program. A bio-diesel committee provided specifications that would result in a “limit” biodiesel fuel.

Haltermann Solutions™ technical personnel developed a formulation for a unique “dirty” B20 diesel using poultry based methyl esters in order to meet the industry needs for their testing.

A customer had a specific request for Haltermann Solutions™ to make a CARB compliant 100 octane street- friendly fuel. The customer was unable to develop a formulation that could meet the requirements and turned to Haltermann Solutions™ for assistance.

Haltermann Solutions™ technical personnel were successful in first mathematically modeling, then formulating a CARB-compliant, 100 octane product to meet the customer’s challenging fuel specifications.

A customer had a specific request to formulate and produce a “storage-stable” pre-mix fuel for use in their two-cycle engines.

Haltermann Solutions™ personnel were successful in developing a very unique fuel blend that satisfied the customer’s requirements for use in their private-label fuel application.

A customer requested “rush” support for “large scale” summer testing program. They had engineers flying in from overseas to conduct testing so there was a very tight timeline for the production of these fuels.

Haltermann Solutions™ flexibility in production allowed for the “rush” blending of 122 drums of fuel, comprising of twelve different formulations, in order to meet their summer testing requirements.

A customer wanted to know the impact on distillation curve measurements if 10% ethanol was to be added to their gasoline fuel formulation.

Haltermann Solutions™ was able to utilize computer modeling to answer the customer inquiry in a timely fashion.

Fuel Guarantee

Haltermann Solutions™ issues a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on each batch of fuel that we supply to our customers. Haltermann Solutions™ guarantees that the fuel meets the specifications as they appear on the CoA at the point in time that it is loaded into the transport vehicle or container.