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A Message to our Aerospace Customers

Fri, Oct 31st 2014, 18:39 by Wayne Petersen

HALTERMANN has been in the aerospace business for over 20 years now as North America’s exclusive supplier of liquid Rocket Propellant to the DLA and private space companies all over the United States.

We take great pride in the small part that we play in the aerospace community by providing and developing propellants that fuel our customers’ ever evolving rocket needs.

This has been a hard week for all of us who believe in the work that is being done to make space flight more routine, safe, cost effective and meaningful for the next generation.

We stand with our friends at Virgin Galactic today and are broken-hearted for the loss of their pilot and the destruction of their beautiful SpaceShipTwo vehicle.

We are praying for the surviving pilot and for all of those whose lives have been affected by today’s horrible events.

We also wish to extend our thoughts and well wishes to Orbital Sciences Corporation with the the loss of their Antares rocket earlier this week at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility which was headed to the International Space Station on a re-supply mission.

All of us at HALTERMANN are constantly in awe of the courage and commitment it takes to test new vehicles, and rocket engines that are developed and designed for the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of space.

Whether for necessity, exploration or tourism, our company fully supports our aerospace customers and proudly stands at their side, providing fuels to help them accomplish their goals.

Space flight is not for the faint of heart; it will never be routine or easy, but it is incredibly important to this country and all who come after us.

“The rocket will free man from his remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet.  It will open to him the gates of heaven.” – Wernher von Braun

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Haltermann Solutions Announces the Availability of EPA Tier 3 EEE – Emission Certification Fuel, General Testing -Regular

Thu, Oct 9th 2014, 10:36 by Wayne Petersen

Recently the EPA issued its new challenging E10 Tier 3 Emission Certification Fuel specifications. Many Haltermann customers have been asking about the availability of this fuel.

Haltermann is now pleased to announce that EPA Tier 3 EEE Emission Certification Fuel, General Testing – Regular is now AVAILABLE and INVENTORIED in bulk quantities. Drum quantities will be in inventory the week of October 20, 2014.

The journey from laboratory / development to scale-up /commercialization of this fuel has been technically and analytically challenging but is now complete.

The scale-up process was completed with an overriding goal to assure that the formulations and manufacturing technique developed would make certain that the product could be made reliably with batch-to-batch repeatability. Haltermann has demonstrated this capability for years with its Tier II EEE Federal Emission Certification Fuel product family.

Now that the scale-up process is complete, the fuel will no longer have the TR2002 designation and instead will be sold by the commercial designation HF2021.

Slightly longer than normal lead-times for bulk quantities might be experienced until 4Q2014 when additional assets will be installed to assure a continuous supply of product.

Completion of the scale-up process translates to the fuel being manufactured in large batches for inventory, hence, the price has been reduced reflecting large batch economics as Haltermann now does with its Tier II EEE product.

Contact your Haltermann account manager or customer service representative for drum and bulk pricing as well as lead time.

Finally, commercialization efforts are already underway for the remaining fuel surrogates of the EPA specification including: General Testing – Premium, Low Temp Testing – Regular, Low Temp Testing – Premium and High Altitude Testing – Regular.

If you have further questions, please call your account representative, Elisha Petersen, at 313-806-9172 or a Haltermann Solutions customer service representative at 1-800-969-2542.

Haltermann appreciates the extraordinary patience its customers exhibited during this process which allowed establishment of the robust manufacturing process needed to assure continuity of supply and batch-to-batch repeatability of this important industry fuel.

Haltermann Solutions
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