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Haltermann Solutions Adds 40 CETANE DIESEL FUEL to its List of Inventoried Drummed Products

Wed, Jul 24th 2013, 09:10 by Wayne Petersen

Dear Valued Haltermann Solutions Customer:

Today, we are pleased to announce that Haltermann is adding 40 Cetane Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, HF0999, to its portfolio of inventoried, drummed products. This product has previously been a Made-To-Order product requiring a 40 day lead time. Given the recent level of customer interest for this product, we have decided to manufacture larger batches of this fuel and package it in 55-gallon drum quantities. The results of making larger batches and inventorying the product will be a far shorter lead time of only 4 days and much more attractive pricing due to the manufacturing efficiencies of making larger batches.

This fuel is also available in bulk quantities. Please note that bulk quantities of this fuel are still Made-To-Order and carry a 40 day lead time.

We understand the continuing economic challenges our customers are facing and are constantly trying to find ways to offer our clients better value.

For product specifications or information regarding pricing and availability, please contact your Haltermann Customer Service Representative at 1-800-969-2542, HPQUOTE@JHALTERMANN.COM, or Haltermann National Account Manager, Elisha Petersen at 313-806-9172.

Thank you for your continuing business with Haltermann Solutions.


Wayne Petersen
President and General Manager
Haltermann Solutions
A Division of Johann Haltermann, Ltd., a Monument Chemical Company
Office: 832-376-2213