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March Madness Promotion!

Thu, Mar 21st 2013, 13:10by Wayne Petersen

Dear Valued Haltermann Solutions Customer:

March is indeed an exciting time of year for anyone that follows NCAA basketball. We at Haltermann Solutions also want to celebrate this season by offering a MARCH MADNESS promotion for ALL of our customers.

The best news is that you don’t have to join an office pool to take advantage of the offer.

For ALL ORDERS placed between now and March 29, 2013, Haltermann Solutions is pleased to offer the following savings:

$2,000 off invoice for a full bulk load order (5,500 gallons or greater)


$1,000 off invoice for a partial bulk load order (<5,500 gallons)


5% off invoice (product price only) for an order of any quantity of drums

Some key points to remember:

There is no need to delay any orders you are currently ready to place. The program is effective today.
There is no limit to the number of orders you can place during this period. However, orders placed under this promotion must ship within the scheduled lead time for that product. Haltermann may extend the shipping time at its discretion due to the availability of shipping vessels.

We hope you can take full advantage of this promotion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your respective Account Manager, either Elisha Petersen at 313-806-9172, Josh Petersen at 615-943-6431 or your Haltermann Solutions Customer Service Representative at 800-969-2542.

Again, we wish to thank you for your continued business and the opportunity you provide us each and every day to meet your test and reference fuel needs.

Hope your favorite team wins!


Wayne Petersen
President and General Manager
Haltermann Solutions

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President’s Corner – March 2013

Tue, Mar 5th 2013, 12:01 by Wayne Petersen

President’s Corner – March 2013

Haltermann Solutions is proud to be celebrating our 50th year of manufacturing and selling test and reference fuels. Much of Haltermann’s 50 year history has been centered in the manufacturing of automotive test fuels. However, over the years, other users have recognized that the same expertise needed to make automotive test and reference fuels could be utilized to make specialty fuels for the needs of their markets and applications. This cumulative expertise has led to Haltermann to make aviation, aerospace, marine and small engine specialty fuels in addition to our automotive fuel offerings.

The following lists just a few of the many non-conventional examples of recent fuel developments from Haltermann:

Haltermann has developed a high performance ethanol–free, pre-mix (oil/gas) fuel with exceptional stability for Stihl which they have branded as Motomix. The specification for this product was developed by Stihl specifically for use in their power equipment. The fuel delivers the desired equipment performance while preventing the fuel related problems common with power equipment.

Haltermann developed a rocket propellant that’s used in today’s kerosene/liquid oxygen fueled space vehicles including the Atlas V manufactured by United Launch Alliance (ULA), the Falcon 9 manufactured by SpaceX and the launch vehicle being manufactured by Virgin Galactic. In fact, we are proud to say that Haltermann fuel was used in SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle which propelled their Dragon spacecraft to orbit which then subsequently docked with the International Space Station. What comes next? Haltermann is developing higher specific impulse fuels for even better performance for tomorrow’s launch vehicles.

Haltermann Solutions just introduced a family of ultra-high purity Primary Reference Fuels (PRF) that are used in the analytical CFR test engines used to measure octane values of gasoline.  This offering includes PRF grade iso-octane, n-heptane, toluene and No. 80 octane blend. Haltermann was able to manufacture these fuels due to world class distillation capabilities of its sister division.

Haltermann manufactures a unique bio-butanol fuel for the Dyson Racing team. Dyson participates in the American LeMans racing series. The series promotes the use of “green” fuels by its race teams. Using Haltermann’s bio-butanol fuel, Dyson placed first in the 2011 race season.

The 50 years of experience has also been found to be essential when developing the demanding and complex automotive fuels for our immediate future. For example, the new proposed EPA Tier III fuels incorporate compositional specifications in addition to distillation profile requirements and other more typical properties. Haltermann is not only capable of manufacturing fuels to these proposed specifications but has also been successful in making the new CARB LEV III fuels.

Regardless of your market, application or unique fuel requirements, trust Haltermann with your specialty fuel needs.

Haltermann Solutions. Fueling the World One Solution at a Time, now for 50 years.

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SpaceX goes to the International Space Station fueled by Haltermann Solutions

Mon, Mar 4th 2013, 06:42 by Wayne Petersen

Hawthorne, Calif. – This past weekend, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft to orbit for SpaceX’s second mission under its Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract with NASA. Falcon 9 completed its job perfectly, continuing its 100 percent success rate.
“Falcon 9 was designed to be the world’s most reliable rocket, and today’s launch validated this by adding to Falcon 9’s perfect track record with our fifth success in a row,” said Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX.

After Dragon separated from Falcon 9’s second stage approximately nine minutes after launch, a minor issue with some of Dragon’s oxidizer tanks was detected. Within a few hours, SpaceX engineers had identified and corrected the issue, normalizing the oxidizer pressure and returning operations to normal. Dragon recomputed its ascent profile as it was designed to and is now on its way to the International Space Station (ISS) with possible arrival on Sunday, just one day past the original timeline.

Dragon is the only spacecraft in the world today capable of returning significant amounts of cargo to Earth. Dragon is traveling to the ISS with over 2,300 pounds of pressurized and unpressurized cargo and packaging to ensure safe travel, and will return with over 3,000 pounds. Dragon will stay on station for a three-week visit, during which astronauts will unload cargo and supplies for the ISS, including critical materials to support science investigations, then fill the capsule with a payload that includes research results, education experiments and space station hardware.

Updates on the CRS-2 mission can be found at Broadcast quality video may be downloaded and high-resolution photos are posted at

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket which carries Dragon is fueled with rocket propellant made by Haltermann Solutions.