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Dyson Racing wins the 2011 American Le Mans Series LMP1 Drivers and Team championships with Haltermann Solutions Fuel!

Thu, Dec 1st 2011, 11:56 by Josh Petersen

Dyson Racing wins the 2011 American Le Mans Series LMP1 Drivers and Team championships at the ModSpace Monterey race with Chris Dyson and Guy Smith taking home the season’s top honors.

“This is a day to be savored,” said Chris Dyson. “I am really thrilled with the team. It is a great accomplishment to have the team back on top. We have had the equipment everywhere this year with our Lola Mazda and our Dunlop tires and the AER engines have been strong all year. It has really been a culmination of a three-year program with Mazda. They have shown unwavering support through it all. We could not be happier to reward them with a championship today.”

Haltermann Solutions is a proud supplier of the Bio-Butanol, iBE20, used by the team to fuel their car. iBE20 is a unique, advanced fuel that provided outstanding power and engine performance which contributed to this achievement.

To see if iBE 20 might fit your racing fuel requirements, contact your Haltermann Racing Account manager, Josh Petersen at (615) 812-7063. Haltermann can also custom design a unique fuel for your specific racing needs

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Haltermann Solutions Manufactures New Product for STIHL

Thu, Dec 1st 2011, 11:53 by Josh Petersen

STIHL, the #1 Selling Brand of Handheld Outdoor Power Equipment in America, has introduced a new gas/oil pre-mix product in North America for their 2-cycle power equipment, STIHL MOTOMIX®. The product was formulated for STIHL by Haltermann Solutions to meet their demanding specifications.

For over 80 years, STIHL has led the industry through invention and innovation, developing technology that delivers performance, comfort and higher fuel efficiency. From their legendary chain saw to their lines of trimmers, blowers and more, each and every piece of equipment is built with unwavering standards that have made STIHL the premium name in outdoor power equipment.

The use of STIHL MotoMix® eliminates the hassle of mixing oil and gasoline. Clean and convenient, STIHL MotoMix® provides a premixed 50:1 fuel mixture, created with a specially formulated premium high-octane gasoline and the superior protection of STIHL HP Ultra oil.

MotoMix® doesn’t use ethanol, allowing it to maintain stability for up to two years after the seal is broken, so it can be stored longer and will stay fresh in equipment during storage periods. MotoMix® also is environmentally conscious – the fuel is non-aromatic and the engine oil is fully synthetic and highly biodegradable. Created for excellent engine performance and superior lubrication, it’s no surprise that MotoMix® is the official fuel of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series.

Over nearly 50 years, engine and part manufacturers, test laboratories, government entities, companies that manufacture gas and oil additives, aerospace and aviation companies have turned to Haltermann for their often demanding and complex gasoline and diesel test fuel requirements.