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Mon, Aug 4th 2014, 10:43 by Josh Petersen

Recently Haltermann Solutions donated some fuel for the SAE Supermileage Competition.
This is an annual event that focuses on new ways to stretch fuel economy, and Haltermann Solutions is proud to annually be one of their many sponsors!

“College teams top 1,000 miles per gallon at the 35th anniversary Supermileage competition held at Eaton’s Marshall, Michigan, Proving Grounds.”

Though this video is Eaton-centric, it does a nice job of highlighting what the students are personally learning and experiencing thru involvement with Supermileage.
There is a great video showing footage from the 2014 SAE Supermileage Competition.

*At the 4:36 mark one of the students being interviewed has a Haltermann Solutions hat on, and several times throughout you will see our sticker on various vehicles!

Universite Laval who won the 2014 event will be hosted by SAE and Eaton at the 2014 SAE COMVEC show in greater Chicago in October.  Details are being developed for the team’s recognition, but the show link is   http://www.sae.org/events/cve/ 

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