Haltermann Solutions™ Test and Reference Fuels

Test or reference gasoline or diesel fuels manufactured by Haltermann Solutions™ are made to very specific distillation and property specifications and therefore provide needed control and consistency required in test protocols.

Test and Reference

Haltermann Solutions™ Primary Reference Fuels (PRF)

Haltermann Solutions™ supplies a portfolio of high-purity Primary Reference Fuels (PRF). PRFs are required to determine the combustion quality of gasoline and diesel fuel. The key combustion parameter for gasoline is measured by determination of the octane number of the fuel while the combustion parameter for diesel is measured by the determination of cetane number. Both are measured in a Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) engine.

Test and Reference

Haltermann Solutions™ Aviation Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ supplies the aviation community a variety of test fuels. Fuel types range from standard MIL Spec fuels to custom formulations used for a variety of developmental applications.

Aviation Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Aerospace Propellants

Haltermann Solutions™ is the exclusive manufacturer of RP-1 and RP-2 rocket propellant for the DESC. This fuel is used by nearly every governmental and private sector space enterprise that utilizes LOX – Kerosene engines. Haltermann also manufacturers other solvents used in aerospace applications such as IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA). Haltermann Solutions™ offers formulation expertise and modeling, analytical and blending capabilities and the ability to manufacture unique blend stocks for such fuel candidates.

Aerospace Fuels

Haltermann Racing Solutions

Haltermann Solutions™ manufactures BP’s bio-butanol racing fuel which is approved for use by IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), sanctioning body of the American Le Mans Racing Series (ALMS). Haltermann also manufactures E-10, E-85 and a variety of other “green” fuels. Racing teams can turn to Haltermann to design or formulate custom fuels for their unique engine designs. Haltermann Solutions™ offers formulation and modeling expertise, blending capabilities and the ability to manufacture unique blend stocks for such fuel candidates.

Racing Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Marine Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ provides the small engine Marine industry with the fuels they require for engine research development, oil and emission certification testing.

Marine Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Small Engine Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ provides the small engine industry, including the types used in lawn and garden equipment, with the fuels they require for engine research and development and emission certification testing.

Small Engine Fuels
Test & Reference Primary Reference Aviation Aerospace Marine Small Engine

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Elisha Petersen

Title:National Account Manager




Email: epetersen@jhaltermann.com

Elisha Petersen joined Haltermann in 2008. She came to Haltermann from a customer relations role at a major airline carrier.

Elisha has direct responsibility for managing all aspects of our relationship between Haltermann and our customers. She is responsible for the automotive, light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle and engine markets as well as the small engine arena by offering exceptional levels of service to our customers.

Elisha is a graduate of Bethel University with a degree in Entrepreneurship - Communication, Writing and Business emphasis. Elisha has a passion for supporting and working with Missions and Relief organizations. She has also developed an interest for competing in sprint triathlons and loves traveling to new cities and countries.

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Josh Petersen

Title:Manager of Marketing and National Accounts




Email: jpetersen@jhaltermann.com

Josh Petersen joined Haltermann in 2010. He brings to Haltermann a wealth of experience in management roles pertaining to Marketing, Sales and Promotional Strategy after spending nearly 10 years in the music industry.

Josh is responsible for managing Haltermann’s marketing activities. In this role, he is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive promotional and sales strategy. Further, Josh is responsible for developing customer relationships and managing sales and strategy for markets outside the traditional automotive, industrial and engine markets such as aviation, aerospace, racing, and marine.

Josh is a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a degree in Communications. Josh loves golf as well as local and national politics. He remains an active promoter of music and entertainment and is an avid Ohio State sports fan.

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Mike Wendling

Title:Technical Service & Development




Email: mdwendling@jhaltermann.com

Mike Wendling has been with Haltermann since 1992.

In his role as a Technical Service and Development Specialist, Mike acts as the primary liaison with our customer’s technical personnel who are responsible for initiating requests for new fuel specifications. He acts as the interface between the customer and all Haltermann functions during the course of the development of a new fuel.

Mike is a University of Kansas Business graduate. He is an avid cyclist and is heavily involved with fundraising for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He also volunteers his time to a National Dog rescue group.

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Indresh Mathur

Title:Research Director




Email: imathur@jhaltermann.com

Dr. Indresh Mathur joined Haltermann Solutions™ in 2008 after it was acquired by Monument Chemical. Prior to joining Haltermann Solutions, he spent 33 years with a major chemical company in a variety of positions and assignments in research and process development.

Over his 33 year tenure he attained the prestigious level of Sr. Scientist. During this period he also taught thermodynamics and was an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and McGill University. Dr. Mathur holds over 30 Domestic and International Patents, has presented at numerous major technical conferences and is published over 30 papers as well as authored a chapter in Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry.

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