Haltermann Solutions™ Test and Reference Fuels

Test or reference gasoline or diesel fuels manufactured by Haltermann Solutions™ are made to very specific distillation and property specifications and therefore provide needed control and consistency required in test protocols.

Test and Reference

Haltermann Solutions™ Primary Reference Fuels (PRF)

Haltermann Solutions™ supplies a portfolio of high-purity Primary Reference Fuels (PRF). PRFs are required to determine the combustion quality of gasoline and diesel fuel. The key combustion parameter for gasoline is measured by determination of the octane number of the fuel while the combustion parameter for diesel is measured by the determination of cetane number. Both are measured in a Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) engine.

Test and Reference

Haltermann Solutions™ Aviation Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ supplies the aviation community a variety of test fuels. Fuel types range from standard MIL Spec fuels to custom formulations used for a variety of developmental applications.

Aviation Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Aerospace Propellants

Haltermann Solutions™ is the exclusive manufacturer of RP-1 and RP-2 rocket propellant for the DESC. This fuel is used by nearly every governmental and private sector space enterprise that utilizes LOX – Kerosene engines. Haltermann also manufacturers other solvents used in aerospace applications such as IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA). Haltermann Solutions™ offers formulation expertise and modeling, analytical and blending capabilities and the ability to manufacture unique blend stocks for such fuel candidates.

Aerospace Fuels

Haltermann Racing Solutions

Haltermann Solutions™ manufactures BP’s bio-butanol racing fuel which is approved for use by IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), sanctioning body of the American Le Mans Racing Series (ALMS). Haltermann also manufactures E-10, E-85 and a variety of other “green” fuels. Racing teams can turn to Haltermann to design or formulate custom fuels for their unique engine designs. Haltermann Solutions™ offers formulation and modeling expertise, blending capabilities and the ability to manufacture unique blend stocks for such fuel candidates.

Racing Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Marine Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ provides the small engine Marine industry with the fuels they require for engine research development, oil and emission certification testing.

Marine Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ Small Engine Test Fuels

Haltermann Solutions™ provides the small engine industry, including the types used in lawn and garden equipment, with the fuels they require for engine research and development and emission certification testing.

Small Engine Fuels
Test & Reference Primary Reference Aviation Aerospace Marine Small Engine


Wayne Petersen

Title: President and General Manager of Haltermann Solutions™

Tel: 832.376.2213

Fax: 281.457.1469

Cell: 713.857.8708

Email: wepetersen@jhaltermann.com

Wayne Petersen joined Haltermann Solutions™ in 2005 after spending 31 years with a major chemical company in a variety of functions and positions including assignments in Research, Development and Manufacturing, in addition to his many Commercial Management assignments. He holds 6 Domestic and International Patents and is published in over 30 trade journals and a technical encyclopedia.

As President and General Manager, Wayne has overall responsibility for all aspects of the Haltermann Solutions™ business. Wayne is also an Officer and Vice President of Johann Haltermann, Ltd., of which Haltermann Solutions™ is a division.

Wayne attended the University of Minnesota where he received a degree in Chemical Engineering. In his personal time, he enjoys golf, reading, traveling and spending time with his wife of 32 years.

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Mark Overaker

Title: Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Tel: 832.376.2202

Fax: 281.457.1469

Cell: 713.822.3668

Email: mhoveraker@jhaltermann.com

Mark Overaker joined Haltermann Solutions™ in 2002. Mark brought to Haltermann 18 years of extensive EH&S, process development and production experience with two major chemical companies and an environmental consulting firm.

Mark is responsible for all manufacturing and associated supply chain activities on a day-to-day basis. Mark’s forward thinking assures that we always have the right assets in place for both current and new opportunities, allowing us to respond quickly to our customers’ varied needs. Mark also serves as a member of the Haltermann Solutions™ leadership team.

Mark attended North East Louisiana University where he studied Chemistry. He also attended Kingwood College where he studied International Business. In his spare time, Mark enjoys water sports, spending time with his family and shooting skeet and sporting clays.

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